Definition of PostScript Software

PostScript Software means the unmodified computer programs, in source and/or object code form, known collectively as Adobes Level 3 PostScript interpreter software and any enhancements or modifications to the foregoing as provided by Adobe to EFI.
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Examples of PostScript Software in a sentence

Adobe warrants that for a period of ninety (90) days from EFIs acceptance of PostScript Software pursuant to Section 4.2 (Acceptance), the PostScript Software will execute substantially in accordance with the PostScript Language Specification using the development environment specified by Adobe.
Except for the Collaboration Agreement entered into as of March 31, 2003 by Adobe, EFI and certain of their subsidiaries or affiliates, the parties agree that the agreements between Adobe and EFI that relate to Adobe PostScript Software (including those agreements listed below) (all together the Prior Agreements) to the extent not already terminated shall terminate effective immediately.
A Customized Version of the PostScript Software is one that includes any changes made by EFI or by Adobe on behalf of EFI to the standard Reference Port (i.e., the version of the Reference Port that Adobe generally makes available to its OEM customers).
Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Adobe shall have no obligation to provide Maintenance for any Customized Versions of the PostScript Software.
EFI acknowledges that the Warranty Period for any PostScript Software or other Adobe technology, software or documentation delivered to EFI under the Adobe Deliverables Appendix No. 1 has expired.