Definition of Postpetition Credit Agreement

Postpetition Credit Agreement means, collectively, the following
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Examples of Postpetition Credit Agreement in a sentence

Interest on the Postpetition Obligations shall be secured in the manner specified in paragraph 13 herein, and shall accrue at the rates (including any default rates) and be paid in accordance with the terms and provisions of the Postpetition Credit Agreement.
To the extent not previously reduced in connection with the Postpetition Credit Agreement, the amount of the Prepetition Facility Claim held by each holder of a Roll-Up Claim shall be deemed reduced by an amount equal to such converted Roll-Up Claim as and when provided in the DIP Financing Orders.
The amounts needed to fund the foregoing amounts, as applicable, may be paid from (A) the proceeds of the Exit Facility as and to the extent permitted, (B) the proceeds of the loans under the Postpetition Credit Agreement as and to the extent permitted, or (C) as otherwise agreed to by the Postpetition Agent and the Exit Facility Agent, on behalf of the Postpetition Lenders and Exit Facility Lenders, respectively, provided all such amounts are funded or made available on or prior to the Effective Date.
On the Effective Date, all Claims under or evidenced by the Postpetition Credit Agreement, including Claims for attorneys' fees, LC Claims and all other fees, costs and charges, shall be paid by the Debtors in cash equal to the amount of such Claims.
In accordance with section 1123(a)(l) of the Bankruptcy Code, Administrative Claims, Priority Tax Claims and Claims under or evidenced by the Postpetition Credit Agreement, as described below in Article m, have not been classified.