Definition of Postpetition Claims

Postpetition Claims means, collectively, Administrative Claims and Gap Claims.

Examples of Postpetition Claims in a sentence

The Plan places all claims and interests, except Postpetition Claims and Priority Tax Claims, in the classes listed below.
On the Distribution Date or as soon thereafter as is practical, under both the Purchase Alternative and the Recapitalization Alternative, each holder of an Allowed Administrative Claim except for those (i) holders of Allowed Accounts Payable Postpetition Claims, and (ii) holders of Allowed Postpetition Accrued Wages and Other Claims shall receive from the Disbursing Agent on account of such Allowed Claim, payment in full in Cash from the Distribution Fund.
Allowed Accounts Payable Postpetition Claims and Allowed Postpetition Accrued Wages and Other Claims shall receive payment in full in Cash from the Reorganized Company in the ordinary course of business.
On the Consummation Date, the Purchase Price and the Litigation Settlement Proceeds will be released to the Disbursing Agent for the purpose of making Distributions to Allowed Administrative Claimants (except for those Administrative Claims that constitute Allowed Accounts Postpetition Claims, Allowed Postpetition Accrued Wages and Other Claims, and Allowed Administrative Environmental Claims) and Allowed General Unsecured Creditors (Class 8A and Class 9) under the Plan.
Debtors agree not to assert any claims or causes of action against the New Jersey Spill Compensation Fund, or against the United States, or its contractors or employees, with respect to Prepetition and Postpetition Claims, including but not limited to: i) any direct or indirect claim for reimbursement from the EPA Hazardous Substance Superfund established by 26 U.S.C. ss.