Definition of Postpetition Claims

Postpetition Claims means, collectively, Administrative Claims and Gap Claims.
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Examples of Postpetition Claims in a sentence

The Plan places all claims and interests, except Postpetition Claims and Priority Tax Claims, in the classes listed below.
The settlement guidelines and authority contained in that certain Order Pursuant to Section 105(a) of the Bankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rule 9019(b) Authorizing the Establishment of Procedures to Settle Certain Prepetition or Postpetition Claims Against the Debtors' Estates, dated June 23, 2009 [Docket No. 706], as amended by the amendments set forth in Exhibit "1.1.49" to the Plan.
Except for those Prepetition and Postpetition Claims specifically settled pursuant to Paragraphs __ of the COPI, Shieldalloy's environmental liabilities at the Cambridge site, arising Preconfirmation, shall be excepted from discharge and shall pass through its chapter 11 case unaffected.
Bartell, Straddle Obligations Under Prepetition Contracts: Prepetition Claims, Postpetition Claims or Administrative Expenses?, 25 Emory Bankr.
On the Consummation Date, the Purchase Price and the Litigation Settlement Proceeds will be released to the Disbursing Agent for the purpose of making Distributions to Allowed Administrative Claimants (except for those Administrative Claims that constitute Allowed Accounts Postpetition Claims, Allowed Postpetition Accrued Wages and Other Claims, and Allowed Administrative Environmental Claims) and Allowed General Unsecured Creditors (Class 8A and Class 9) under the Plan.