Definition of Postpetition Agent

  1. Postpetition Agent means WestLB, as Administrative Agent and Collateral Agent under the Postpetition Credit Agreement and any successor agent appointed in accordance with the terms thereof.

Examples of Postpetition Agent in a sentence

  1. No waiver or modification of any of the provisions, terms or conditions in this Interim Order or the DIP Financing Term Sheet may be effectuated, except by written and signed agreements between the Postpetition Agent and the ASA Debtors.
  2. If to the Postpetition Agent: Congress Financial Corporation (Central) 150 South Wacker Drive Chicago, Illinois 60606 Telephone: (312) 332-0420 Fax: (312) 332-0424 Attn: Portfolio Manager with copies to: Otterbourg, Steindler, Houston & Rosen, P.C.