Definition of Postpetition Agent

Postpetition Agent means J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, in its capacity as Agent under the Exit Facility.
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Examples of Postpetition Agent in a sentence

The amounts needed to fund the foregoing amounts, as applicable, may be paid from (A) the proceeds of the Exit Facility as and to the extent permitted, (B) the proceeds of the loans under the Postpetition Credit Agreement as and to the extent permitted, or (C) as otherwise agreed to by the Postpetition Agent and the Exit Facility Agent, on behalf of the Postpetition Lenders and Exit Facility Lenders, respectively, provided all such amounts are funded or made available on or prior to the Effective Date.
Counsel for the Postpetition Agent Bryan Cave LLP 211 North Broadway, Suite 3600, St. Louis, Missouri 63102-2750 Attn: Gregory D.
Any notice required or permitted to be provided to the Debtors, Creditors Committee, Postpetition Agent, or under the Plan shall be in writing and served by (a) certified mail, return receipt requested, (b) hand delivery, or (c) overnight delivery service, to be addressed as follows: If to the Debtors: HAYNES INTERNATIONAL, INC.
No waiver or modification of any of the provisions, terms or conditions in this Interim Order or the DIP Financing Term Sheet may be effectuated, except by written and signed agreements between the Postpetition Agent and the ASA Debtors.
To the extent legally permissible, each of the conditions precedent set forth in Article IX.A and Article IX.B may be waived, in whole or in part, by the Debtors with the consent of GOF, the Prepetition Agent, the Postpetition Agent and the Committee.