Definition of Post Vesting Costs

Post Vesting Costs means all items of outlay and expense whatsoever, direct or indirect, with respect to all activities carried out after the Final Vesting Date in respect of the Property (including without limitation exploration, development and mining) including without limitation those detailed in Sections 2.1 to 2.14 inclusive in the accounting procedures annexed as Schedule "C" to the Joint Venture Agreement, but excluding Optionee's Borrowing Costs;
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Examples of Post Vesting Costs in a sentence

In the event the Optionor elects to convert its Interest to a Carried Interest pursuant to Section 7.01, the Optionee shall be responsible for the payment of all Post Vesting Costs.
The Optionor shall repay the Optionee 25% of the Post Vesting Costs (the "Optionor's Share"), plus interest on the Optionor's Share calculated using a rate equal to the greater of (i) LIBOR plus 1%, and (ii) the actual borrowing costs of the Optionee plus 1%.