Definition of Post-Production Period

Post-Production Period means the period from the date on which the Production Period ends until the end of the term of this Agreement.
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Examples of Post-Production Period in a sentence

If Mobileye requires SUPPLIER to provide support for the initial six (6) months of the Post-Production Period, the price(s) for such Products will be the contract price(s) which were in effect at the commencement of the Post-Production Period.
For the remainder of the Post-Production Period, the price(s) for such service goods will be as reasonably agreed to by the parties.
SWEPCO shall have the right at its election at any time during the Post-Production Period (with or without cause) to take over and conduct or complete the Post-Production work by the acquisition by SWEPCO of all the capital stock of SABINE pursuant to the Option Agreement after giving SABINE notice thereof, which notice shall be given at least 365 days in advance.
SUPPLIER will also sell goods to Mobileye to fulfill Mobileye's and its customers' service and replacement parts requirements during the six (6) months period following the termination of this agreement at cash in advance basis (the "Post-Production Period"), and for the said purpose, this Agreement will automatically remain in effect during the entire Post-Production Period.
Seller shall not require Buyer to pay Seller any profit for services performed by Seller in final mine closing and reclamation during the Post-Production Period.