Definition of Post-Petition Indebtedness

Post-Petition Indebtedness means Indebtedness of the Borrower or any Guarantor that was incurred or accrued after the commencement of the Chapter 11 Case.
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Examples of Post-Petition Indebtedness in a sentence

The Laurus Post-Petition Indebtedness will survive and be re-financed through the Exit Facility on the Effective Date and the Exit Facility will be secured by a first lien on the Operating Assets after the Effective Date, junior only to the Restructured Farmers Obligation with respect to real property.
The Post-Petition Indebtedness and all Obligations with respect thereto shall be due and payable in full on the expiration date of this Order unless this Order becomes a Final Order.
After allowing one or more days for collection of receipts, Lender is authorized to and shall apply deposited amounts to the reduction of the Pre-Petition Indebtedness and the Post-Petition Indebtedness as provided in the Credit Agreement.
Any application of funds by Lender to the reduction of the Pre-Petition Indebtedness or the Post-Petition Indebtedness prior to the termination of this Stipulation shall be final.
As long as any portion of the Obligations, the Pre-Petition Indebtedness or the Post-Petition Indebtedness remains unpaid or any Post-Petition Loan Documents remain in effect, it shall constitute a "Termination Event" if, except as expressly permitted in the Post-Petition Loan Documents or with the express written consent of the Required Lenders, which consent shall not be implied, an Event of Default shall have occurred and is continuing under the Post-Petition Loan Documents.