Definition of Post-Merger Period

Post-Merger Period means the period following the Closing Date through and including the Termination Date."
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Examples of Post-Merger Period in a sentence

If Employee elects to continue as an Employee, he may, at any time during the Post-Merger Period, elect to cease being an employee and then must continue as a consultant, on an as-needed basis by Company (making himself available as reasonably requested by the Company) until the end of the Post-Merger Period.
During the Specified Post-Merger Period, the Audit Committee shall include a Continuing Office Depot Director and a Continuing OfficeMax Director who shall each qualify as an Audit Committee financial expert for purposes of Item 407(d)(5)(ii) of Regulation S-K promulgated under the Exchange Act.
During the three (3) year period (the "Post-Merger Period") beginning at the Second Merger Effective Time, the Chief Executive Officer shall be the most senior officer of the Corporation and shall also hold the title of President.
During the Specified Post-Merger Period, each committee of the Board of Directors shall be composed of an equal number of Continuing Office Depot Directors and Continuing OfficeMax Directors.
In the case of Taxes arising in a Taxable Period that includes, but does not end on, the FNF Merger Date, the allocation of Taxes between the Pre-Merger Period and the Post-Merger Period shall be governed by Paragraph 4 of Schedule I.