Definition of Post-IPO Period

Post-IPO Period shall mean the period of time immediately following the occurrence of the effective date of the registration statement on Form S-1 filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with an initial public offering of the Companys securities (an IPO).
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Examples of Post-IPO Period in a sentence

With respect to any Tax imposed on or attributable to any Group Member for any applicable Pre-IPO Period, Parent may make an Adjustment Request with respect to such Tax, including carrying back a Carryback Item of any Parent Group Member arising in a Post-IPO Period to any Pre-IPO Period.
Safeway shall prepare any Consolidated Return or Combined Return (including any such Tax Returns with respect to a Post-IPO Period that includes Blackhawk as a result of the Section 336(e) Election under the Consolidation Treatment), which Tax Returns shall be governed by Section 2.01; provided that the portion of such Tax Returns related to the Section 336(e) Election shall be exclusively governed by this Section 5.03.
If a Parent Group Member realizes a Tax Benefit upon its utilization of a Tax Asset of a Cal Dive Group Member, Parent shall make a payment to Cal Dive equal to the Tax Benefit realized to the extent such utilized Tax Asset of the Cal Dive Group Member arose or accrued during any Post-IPO Period.
Cal Dive shall be responsible for any and all State Income Taxes, including any adjustment to such State Income Taxes as a result of a Final Determination, that are imposed on or are attributable to any Cal Dive Group Member for any Post-IPO Period.
Notwithstanding Section 4.5(a), if any Cal Dive Group Member is required by applicable Tax Law to carry back a Carryback Item arising in a Post-IPO Period to a Pre-IPO Period, the Companies agree that any Carryback Item of any Parent Group Member that may be carried back to the same Pre-IPO Period shall be deemed to be used before any Carryback Item of any Cal Dive Group Member.