Definition of Post Intellectual Property

Post Intellectual Property means all Intellectual Property owned by any member of the Seller Group or any Company and primarily used by the Post Business, excluding any Intellectual Property developed by WaPo Labs (which, for the avoidance of doubt, is not intended to include Trademarks, social media handles and domain names).
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Examples of Post Intellectual Property in a sentence

To the knowledge of Seller, there is no continuing infringement as of the date of this Agreement by any other person of any material Post Intellectual Property.
The Companies exclusively own the Post Intellectual Property, free and clear of any Liens other than Permitted Liens and non-exclusive licenses granted in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice.
Seller has not received any written notice of claims that are pending or threatened, in each case during the 24 months preceding the date of this Agreement, against Seller or any Company by any person that (i) allege any Post Intellectual Property used by any Company or the conduct of the Post Business misappropriates or infringes or otherwise violates the Intellectual Property of another person or (ii) challenge the validity, enforceability or ownership of any Post Intellectual Property.