Definition of Post-Effective Date Period

Post-Effective Date Period means any taxable period or portion of a period that begins on or after the Effective Date.

Examples of Post-Effective Date Period in a sentence

Following the Closing Date, Seller shall forward to Buyer all Tax statements or notices received by Seller with respect to the Acquired Companies or their assets for any Straddle Period or Post-Effective Date Period within thirty (30) days after its receipt thereof.
If a Plan Funding Estimated Payment Default does not occur, then at the end of the Post-Effective Date Period, Holders of Effective Date Unidentified Claims shall receive the treatment described in Section 5.9 of the Plan.
Buyer shall prepare or cause to be prepared any Tax Returns of ERC that are required to be filed after the Effective Date and which pertain to any Post-Effective Date Period.
Buyer shall prepare and file all Tax Returns required to be filed with respect to ECG, the Contributed Assets or the Business for Straddle periods and Post-Effective Date Periods and, except with respect to sales and use Tax Returns described in paragraph (a) above, including sales and use or excise Tax Returns for a taxable period that begins before and ends on or after the Effective Date with a due date that falls in the Post-Effective Date Period.
After expiration of the Post-Effective Date Period, distributions to Holders of Post-Effective Date Large Note Claims shall be made from the New Securities Reserve, and such distributions shall be equal in amount to the ratio (expressed as a percentage) that the amount of such Post-Effective Date Large Note Claim bears to the aggregate amount of Effective Date Unidentified Claims.