Definition of Post-Distribution Member

Post-Distribution Member means a corporation that is a member of the Post-Distribution Parent Group at any time after the Distribution Date.
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Examples of Post-Distribution Member in a sentence

Parent shall prepare and timely file (or cause to be prepared and timely filed): (i) all Tax Returns of the Pre-Distribution Group and any Pre-Distribution Member (other than such Returns that relate solely to Subsidiary) for all Pre-Distribution Taxable Periods that are required to be filed either before or after the Distribution Date; and (ii) all Tax Returns of the Post-Distribution Parent Group and any Post-Distribution Member for all Straddle Periods and Post-Distribution Taxable Periods.
Parent hereby agrees to take any action or make any election reasonably required to permit Subsidiary and the Subsidiary Members to utilize any Carry-forwards attributable solely to Subsidiary; provided, however, that no such action or election shall be required if it would adversely affect in any way the Income Tax Liabilities of the Post-Distribution Parent Group or any Post-Distribution Member for any Taxable Year.