Definition of Post Confirmation Professionals

Post Confirmation Professionals means those professionals engaged by the Liquidating Trust from and after the Effective Date.
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The Liquidating Trustee and the Post Confirmation Professionals shall be paid 90% of their fees and 100% of their costs on a monthly basis, but shall file fee applications no less frequently than every 120 days seeking approval of fees and expenses to be awarded by the Bankruptcy Court, including approval of the amounts paid on a monthly basis.
Any fees and expenses of such Post Confirmation Professionals, including any professionals engaged by the Oversight Committee pursuant to the terms hereof, shall constitute Post Confirmation Administrative Claims and shall be paid from Cash in accordance herewith so long as the Liquidating Trust is current with filing the required reports with the Office of the United States Trustee and payment of fees to the Office of the United States Trustee.
In addition, the Liquidating Trustee shall be authorized to retain Post Confirmation Professionals in the exercise of his business judgment to represent the Liquidating Trust in performing and implementing the Plan and the Liquidating Trustee's duties under the Plan, including to pursue Litigation Claims and in respect of any issue, proceeding, claim or cause of action.
The Liquidating Trustee shall consult with and consider the recommendations of the Oversight Committee concerning the retention of Post Confirmation Professionals, and the terms of their engagement.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, Post Confirmation Professionals shall not be precluded from representing the Liquidating Trust to the extent that certain of their Administrative Claims remain unpaid from the Estates.