Definition of Post-Closing Portion

Post-Closing Portion means the portion of a Straddle Period beginning on the day after the Closing Date.
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Examples of Post-Closing Portion in a sentence

Within ten (10) days following Buyers receipt of the draft of such Straddle Period Tax Return (and the calculation of Taxes allocated to the Pre-Closing Portion and the Post-Closing Portion of such Straddle Period), Buyer shall have the right to reasonably object to such Straddle Period Tax Return or calculations by written notice to Seller.
The Parties hereby agree that the total amount of the Merger Proceeds (including, without limitation, the Post-Closing Portion of the Merger Proceeds) which the Computerware Shareholders shall receive under the Merger Agreement shall be $4,808,261.63, consisting of326,417 Parent Common Shares valued at $3.625 per share.