Definition of Post-Closing Deposits

Post-Closing Deposits means tissue samples or cell cultures derived therefrom deposited by customers in the tissue bank on or after the Closing Date, including tissue sample deposits made by customers after the Closing Date who had previously deposited tissue samples in the tissue bank prior to the Closing Date, as evidenced by receipt of physical delivery of the tissue samples or cell cultures at the laboratory facility.

Examples of Post-Closing Deposits in a sentence

Effective upon termination of the Leaseback Period, all revenues resulting from such Leads with respect to the Post-Closing Deposits shall belong exclusively to Buyer or its designated affiliates.
From and after the Effective Date, neither U.S. Stem Cell nor any other person or entity other than Company or its affiliates shall be a party to any contract relating to Post-Closing Deposits.
The Percentage Rent set forth herein, reflects a reduction to account for Lessor's agreement herein to fund 10% of the total revenues received by Lessee from Post-Closing Deposits of the Human Banking Business during the Leaseback Period for marketing purposes, including, but not limited to, hiring persons focused on marketing, promotion and/or sales ("Marketing Expenditures").