Definition of Post-Closing Cash

Post-Closing Cash means $35,000,000.

Post-Closing Cash means amounts payable to the Stern Participants as provided in Section 2.5 of the Contribution Agreement.

Examples of Post-Closing Cash in a sentence

Gaiam's EMB Post-Closing Cash Receipts expressly include cash receipts for receivables identified in the final calculation of Closing Working Capital and cash receipts for Media Co Receivables from post-Acquisition sales, but expressly exclude the $2,000,000 that Gaiam was contractually entitled to retain under the MIPA with respect to Netflix receivables.
Gaiam's EMB Post-Closing Cash Receipts" shall mean cash actually received by Gaiam after closing in payment of "Media Co. Receivables" (as defined by the MIPA and by the CAA).
The Post-Closing Cash shall be paid to Sellers in full no later than the fifth (5th) anniversary of the Closing Date.
Buyer has and will have, (a) sufficient funds on hand or available through existing liquidity facilities (without restrictions on drawdown that would delay payment of the Post-Closing Cash Consideration in accordance with Article 1 of this Agreement) and (b) sufficient authorized and unissued shares of Retrophin Common Stock, to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby.
Electronic records of executed Loan Documents and Post-Closing Cash Documents maintained by the Lender or any Secured Party shall be deemed to be originals thereof.