Definition of Post-Acquisition Restructuring

Post-Acquisition Restructuring means the post- Target Acquisition transfer of certain ownership interests and licenses between (i) Borrower and Subsidiaries and (ii) Vancouver Acquisition Corporation and its subsidiaries for the purpose of integrating the target company and its subsidiaries into the operations of the Borrower and Subsidiaries; provided, however, in no event shall Post-Acquisition Restructuring include any assets of Borrower or any Subsidiary Guarantor (other than equity of a Subsidiary that is not a Subsidiary Guarantor) owned by Borrower or any Subsidiary Guarantor immediately before the Target Acquisition.
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Examples of Post-Acquisition Restructuring in a sentence

All references to Vancouver Acquisition Corporation in the Loan Documents, including, without limitation, the reference in Section 1.4 of the Credit Agreement and the references in the defined terms "Grantor," "Post-Acquisition Restructuring" and "Subsidiary Guarantor" are hereby amended to be references to Vocollect, Inc., a Pennsylvania corporation..