Definition of Post-2004 Deferral Account

Post-2004 Deferral Account means the value of a Participant's Deferral Account less the value of the Participant's Pre-2005 Deferral Account, together with the credited Investment Gain or Loss attributable to such Account. The Post-2004 Deferral Account shall be subject to Code section 409A and applicable guidance thereunder.
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Examples of Post-2004 Deferral Account in a sentence

A Participants Deferral Account shall be divided into a Pre-2005 Deferral Account and a Post-2004 Deferral Account.
However, the Company may pay the Participant the amount credited to the Participants Post-2004 Deferral Account at any time after the Plan is terminated if the payment is permitted by Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code.
The Participant shall be entitled to receive the amount credited to his Post-2004 Deferral Account upon satisfying the requirements for payment of benefits under the Plan.
Distributions of a Participant's Post-2004 Deferral Account may be made in any of the following optional forms of distribution, if the Participant has so elected no later than the time the Participant first makes a Salary Deferral Election and/or Bonus Deferral Election with respect to deferral amounts in his or her Post-2004 Deferral Account: (i) a single lump sum payment or (ii) substantially equal annual installments over a period not to exceed ten (10) years.
A Participant may change a Distribution Election with respect to his or her Post-2004 Deferral Account by filing an amended Distribution Election at least twelve (12) months before the Distribution Date.