Definition of Post-2004 Accrued Benefit

Post-2004 Accrued Benefit means a Participants benefit, calculated pursuant to the provisions of Section 4.2, less the Participants Pre-2005 Accrued Benefit.
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Examples of Post-2004 Accrued Benefit in a sentence

Notwithstanding the forgoing, in the event of the occurrence of any of the circumstances described in Section 1.17.2, the Vested Percentage shall not be adjusted pursuant to Section 1.17.2. For all purposes under this Agreement, the Executives Post-2004 Accrued Benefit shall be paid in the Actuarial Equivalent form of a lump sum.
A Participant shall be entitled to make a special election with respect to the form of his Post-2004 Accrued Benefit payable under the Equalization Plan provided that such election is made no later than December 31, 2005.
The following provisions shall apply with respect to a Participants Post-2004 Accrued Benefit to the extent a Participant (i) does not have a valid election in effect in accordance with the preceding paragraph or (ii) chooses to change a previous election.
Payment of a Participants Post-2004 Accrued Benefit may commence no earlier than the first day of the month following the six-month anniversary of his termination of employment from the Company.
Notwithstanding the provisions for commencement of benefit payments under subparagraphs (b), (c) and (d) above related to any Post-2004 Accrued Benefit, monthly payments shall be suspended and shall not commence earlier than six months following separation from service.