Definition of POS Reload(s

POS Reload(s means the point of sale reloading of funds to a Product at Stores.
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Examples of POS Reload(s in a sentence

Subject to Section 4.4, Retailer agrees that prior to Retailer's remittance of the Gross Settlement Amount in accordance with Section 3.3 it shall be liable to Bank for all Cardholder Funds and purchase fees associated with Products purchased in Stores and for POS Loads and POS Reloads, as applicable, associated with such Products.
Following the Effective Date, the terms and conditions hereof shall solely govern the Parties' relationship with respect to all MoneyCards previously sold pursuant to the 2010 Agreement and all POS Loads, POS Reloads and other Program transactions occurring upon the Effective Date relating to such MoneyCards.
Upon termination or expiration of this Agreement (a) the Parties will cease the marketing, sale, POS Loads and POS Reloads of Products, (b) Retailer will securely destroy all Product inventory and promptly transmit all Cardholder Funds in its possession to Bank and (c) GDC will continue to make the payments required under Section 3.2 with respect to previously sold, POS Loaded or POS Reloaded Products for the life of such Products.