Definition of Ports

Ports means seaports including roadsteads, in the territory of a Member Country of ASEAN or China which are approved and open to international shipping.

Ports means all wiring, connections, circuitry and utility ports at the POD Equipment.
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Examples of Ports in a sentence

Ports on the router are configured to be consistent with ports on the DST Web server.
Area Forwarding Agents!Nominees (a) U.K. including Northern Ireland (also Eire), the North Continent of Europe (Germany, Holland, Belgium,France, Norway, Sweeden, Finland and Den mark) and ports on the Continental Sea Board of the mediterranian, (i.e. French and Western Italian Ports) and also Adriatic Ports.
Ports are available at the following speeds: * OC3/OC3c * STS1 * DS3 * DS1 Type and quantities of ports available per node are only limited by the type of node selected.
Fueled by trade with the Pacific Rim countries, the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach combined rank first in the nation in volume of cargo shipped and received.
Party B : Beijing Ninetowns Ports Software and Technology Co., Ltd.