Definition of Ports

Ports means all wiring, connections, circuitry and utility ports at the POD Equipment.

Ports shall mean the maximum number of Calls that may be simultaneously Connected to the Software pursuant to licenses granted by Nuance hereunder.

Examples of Ports in a sentence

Party A : Beijing Fu Yu Da Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Party B : Beijing Ninetowns Ports Software and Technology Co., Ltd.
Upon reasonable advance notice to Verizon, AOL shall have the right to reassign Toll-Free Ports among different toll-free telephone number pools provided hereunder.
The restrictions on Asset Sales by the Company set forth in Section 5.18 of the indenture are expressly waived in respect of the Company's recent divestiture of the Ports Division, the net proceeds of which were used for any purposes other than as prescribed in Section 5.18.
H. Switch Ports Analog Line Port: A line side switch connection available in either a loop or ground start signaling configuration used primarily for Switched voice communications.
The ICG Ports and associated hours delivered on the ICG Ports shall continue to be delivered in accordance with the provisions of the June 29, 2007 letter agreement between the parties, except that the ICG Term (defined in the June 29, 2007 letter agreement between the parties) shall be extended through December 31, 2009, which period is co-terminus with the 2008 through 2009 Commitment Periods.