Definition of Portland Harbor Superfund Site

Portland Harbor Superfund Site means the site located on the lower Willamette River between downtown Portland, Oregon and the mouth of the Columbia Slough which was added to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's ("EPA") National Priorities List in December 2000, and as it may be finally designated by a record of decision issued by the EPA.

Examples of Portland Harbor Superfund Site in a sentence

On January 6, 2017, the EPA issued its Record of Decision of final cleanup plan for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site.
Adjusted EBITDA, Adjusted Operating Income and Adjusted Net Income for each fiscal year during the Measurement Period, and Adjusted Shareholders' Equity as of each quarter end during the Measurement Period, shall be adjusted to eliminate the impact of any changes in environmental liabilities recorded during the Measurement Period in connection with the Portland Harbor Superfund Site investigation and remediation costs and natural resource damage claims ("Portland Harbor Accruals").
In March 2010, the subsidiary also received a notice letter from the Environmental Protection Agency indicating that it had been identified as a potentially responsible party with respect to environmental contamination in the "study area" for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site.
Although the Company believes that it is unlikely that the subsidiary contributed to the contamination at the Portland Harbor Superfund Site, the potential liability of the subsidiary and the ability of the indemnitor to fulfill its indemnity obligations cannot be quantified at this time.
The budget continues funding for legal services related to the Portland Harbor Superfund Site, and provides expenditure limitation for fire suppression costs.