Definition of Portfolio Railcars

Portfolio Railcars means a Railcar which is owned by the Borrower and which has been funded in whole or in part by Loans hereunder or included as a Replacement Railcar or otherwise added to the Portfolio in accordance with Sections 2.02(a) and (b) .

Examples of Portfolio Railcars in a sentence

The Issuer will maintain in all material respects all records, logs and other materials required by relevant industry standards or any governmental authority having jurisdiction over the Portfolio Railcars required to be maintained in respect of any Portfolio Railcar.
The Borrower will and will require each Lessee to use the Portfolio Railcars only for lawful purposes and shall use and operate and require each Lessee to use and operate the Portfolio Railcars in compliance in all material respects with Applicable Law, except for so long as the Borrower or a Lessee is contesting in good faith by appropriate proceedings diligently conducted the validity or application of such Applicable Law in any reasonable manner.
The Issuer shall be entitled to the possession of the Portfolio Railcars and to the use of the Portfolio Railcars by it or any Affiliate in the United States and subject to the remaining provisions of this subsection, Canada and Mexico, only in the manner for which the Portfolio Railcars were designed and intended and so as to subject the Portfolio Railcars only to ordinary wear and tear.
The Portfolio Railcars described on each Delivery Schedule delivered from time to time under the Asset Transfer Agreement are, at the time of the related Conveyance to the Issuer, covered by the insurance required by Section 5.04(f) hereof, and all premiums due prior to the applicable Delivery Date in respect of such insurance shall have been paid in full and such insurance as of the applicable Delivery Date is in full force and effect.
On each Delivery Date upon which a Conveyance occurs under the Asset Transfer Agreement, all sales, use or transfer taxes, if any, due and payable upon the purchase of the Portfolio Railcars by the Issuer from the applicable Seller will have been paid or such transactions will then be exempt from any such taxes, and the Issuer will cause any required forms or reports in connection with such taxes to be filed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.