Definition of Portfolio Loan

Portfolio Loan means any secured or unsecured loan and related forbearances, agreements, arrangements and actions, undertaken by Grantor in the ordinary course of its business as a real estate lender.
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Examples of Portfolio Loan in a sentence

The Yeshiva University Portfolio Whole Loan consists of the Yeshiva University Portfolio Loan and the Yeshiva University Portfolio Pari Passu Companion Loans.
Each of the Walgreens Portfolio Loan Combination, the One Monument Place Loan Combination and the Bella Luna/San Lucas Loan Combination will be serviced pursuant to (i) this Agreement and (ii) the related Intercreditor Agreement.
On and after the Heartland Industrial Portfolio Pari Passu Note A-1 Securitization Date, the Heartland Industrial Portfolio Loan Combination shall be a "Non-Serviced Loan Combination," the Heartland Industrial Portfolio Pari Passu Companion Loans shall be "Non-Serviced Pari Passu Companion Loans" and "Non-Serviced Companion Loans", and the Heartland Industrial Portfolio Mortgage Loan shall be a "Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan".
Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default described in Section 13(c) hereof, Holder shall have the option, in its sole discretion, to either (a) exercise any remedies available to it under the Loan Documents and the Portfolio Loan Documents, at law or in equity, or (b) require Maker to submit a new proposed budget for Holder's approval.
The Manager provides Portfolio Loan origination and servicing services to the Company.