Definition of Portfolio Investment Documents

Portfolio Investment Documents means, with respect to any particular Portfolio Investment, the loan, credit, or financing agreement (or similar agreement), shareholders' agreement, certificate of designation, subscription agreement, purchase agreement, offering memorandum, operating agreement, joint venture or similar agreement, any and all notes and/or other instruments or securities or Capital Stock and any and all security agreements, mortgages or other documents evidencing a Lien or Grant of collateral security, in each case, as executed and delivered with respect to such Portfolio Investment, together with any and all other documents, agreements, instruments, certificates, financing statements or other writings of any nature or type whatsoever delivered or executed and delivered with respect thereto or in connection therewith and all records (including computer records) with respect thereto or in connection therewith. For clarity, Portfolio Investment Documents shall include, as applicable, (i) any warrants (whether detachable or otherwise) or similar agreements executed in favor of, or delivered to, the applicable Loan Party or Tax Blocker Subsidiary (or any predecessors) in connection with any Portfolio Investment, and (ii) those documents evidencing Portfolio Investments held by a Tax Blocker Subsidiary.
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Examples of Portfolio Investment Documents in a sentence

Each Loan Party will, or will cause the Investment Manager or Subsidiary of a Loan Party to, provide to the Administrative Agent copies of any Portfolio Investment Documents in the possession of such Loan Party, such Subsidiary, the Investment Manager or the Custodian as the Administrative Agent may reasonably request.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing in this Section 12.08 shall be construed to permit the Administrative Agent or any Lender to use confidential information of an Obligor in violation of any confidentiality agreement contained in the Portfolio Investment Documents.