Definition of Portfolio Drugs

Portfolio Drugs means the pharmaceutical drug candidates set forth on Schedule 1(ll) hereto.
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Examples of Portfolio Drugs in a sentence

The Parties shall exercise their best efforts to carry out a complete cycle of development, research, performance of clinical trials, production and sales of innovative Portfolio Drugs to be used for treatment of oncological, infectious or other diseases in the Russian Federation and leading global markets to be selected by the Investors (the "Business of the Company").
No other Person presently has any effective option or license from CBLI to use the Transferred IP to discover, develop, research, make, have made, use, offer for sale, sell, import or export any Portfolio Drugs, within the scope of the rights to be granted to the Company or the Russian Entity; and (B) CBLI is not currently, and will not in the future, violate or be in breach of any provisions of any license agreement with a third party relating to the Transferred IP.