Definition of Portfolio Criteria Satisfaction Date

Portfolio Criteria Satisfaction Date means the first date on which the Reference Portfolio satisfies the Portfolio Criteria; provided that, solely for purposes of this definition, the Portfolio Target Amount shall at all times be equal to the Portfolio Notional Amount.
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Examples of Portfolio Criteria Satisfaction Date in a sentence

The obligations of the Guarantor under the Guarantee shall, so long as no Event of Default in relation to Counterparty as Defaulting Party has occurred and is then continuing and no Early Termination Date has been designated by Citibank, terminate and be of no further force of effect on the Portfolio Criteria Satisfaction Date.
Page 25 (b) With respect to each Transaction to which this Confirmation relates, the "Independent Amount Percentage" applicable to such Transaction will be equal to: Condition Independent Amount Percentage (i) Prior to the Portfolio Criteria Satisfaction Date: Such percentage as Citibank shall specify on or prior to the Obligation Trade Date for such Transaction; provided that such percentage specified shall not be less than 25%.