Definition of Portfolio Compliance Certificate

Portfolio Compliance Certificate means a written certificate of the Managing Member signed by a Responsible Officer stating whether or not, as of the date stated therein and for the period covered thereby, the Company satisfied the Permitted Assets Requirement and the Portfolio Requirements (showing all calculations necessary to determine such compliance); provided that, with respect to the certification regarding the asset coverage ratio set forth in Section 5.9(a)(i), such certificate shall be based on the Managing Member's determination as to the fair market value of the Company's Permitted Assets in a manner consistent with the Mark-to-Market Valuation methodology set forth in Section 13.11.
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Examples of Portfolio Compliance Certificate in a sentence

Promptly but in any event within five (5) Business Days of a Responsible Officer obtaining actual knowledge of any event resulting in a fifty percent (50%) or greater reduction in the Gross Asset Value for any Permitted Asset having a Gross Asset Value of $25,000,000 or more immediately prior to such event, the Managing Member shall cause to be prepared a Class A Portfolio Compliance Certificate applicable to the period ending on the day after the occurrence of such event.
Within sixty (60) days after the close of each of the first three Fiscal Quarters of each year, the Managing Member shall cause to be prepared and each Class A Limited Member to be furnished with a Portfolio Compliance Certificate for such Fiscal Quarter; provided that such Certificate is not required to include any statement regarding the asset coverage ratio described in Section 5.9(a)(i).