Definition of Portfolio Budget

Portfolio Budget means, with respect to each Asset Portfolio, a strategic budget developed by Borrower and submitted as part of the Proposal for, and approved in writing by Lender for, such Asset Portfolio, representing Borrower's good faith estimate of the projected cash inflows and outflows, including Servicing Fees and other expenses.
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Examples of Portfolio Budget in a sentence

Source Corporate Plan 2016-17, page 14 Portfolio Budget Statements 2016-17, Program 2.2, page 44 Result Achieved At 30 June 2017 there were 132 websites using the govCMS platform.
Source Portfolio Budget Statements 2016-17, Program 2.5, page 48 Result Achieved All advertising campaigns above the value of $250,000 that were launched in 2016-17, and were subject to the Guidelines on Information and Advertising Campaigns by Non-corporate Commonwealth Entities, were reviewed by the Independent Communications Committee.
Source Corporate Plan 2016-17, page 16 Portfolio Budget Statements 2016-17, Program 2.3, page 46 Result Substantially achieved Observations made during the annual property inspections, combined with asset management plans, tenant feedback and the commitments made under Finance's Heritage Strategy show that the Finance-owned property portfolio has been maintained in accordance with relevant safety, heritage and environmental requirements and in a condition fit for purpose.
The requested information prior to these years will be found in DEST/DETYA's Annual Reports and Portfolio Budget Statements.
Budget reported in the 2015-16 Portfolio Budget Statements published in May 2015.