Definition of Portfolio A Advisor

Portfolio A Advisor means the individual designated by the Class A Members from time to time pursuant to Section 8.2.
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Examples of Portfolio A Advisor in a sentence

With the approval of the Portfolio A Advisor, if the Company has not been liquidated by the second anniversary of the date of its dissolution pursuant to Section 14.1, the Manager (or liquidating trustee) may distribute the non-cash assets of the Company (other than any Marketable Securities) to a trust established for the sole purposes of liquidating such remaining assets, collecting amounts owed to the Company and paying any contingent or unforeseen liabilities or obligations of the Company.
The Company may maintain such other books and records and may provide such financial or other statements as the Manager and the Portfolio A Advisor mutually agree upon.
At such time as neither Windspeed nor any such Transferee of its interest is the Tax Matters Partner, a successor Tax Matters Partner shall be designated by the Portfolio A Advisor in accordance with the Code and the Treasury Regulations.