Definition of Port Deliverables

Port Deliverables means all the software and associated documentation (including test and build code) that Corel develops in connection with the Port Project.

Examples of Port Deliverables in a sentence

The Port Deliverables have been specially ordered and commissioned by Microsoft.
Corel agrees that the Port Deliverables are a "work made for hire" for copyright purposes, with all copyrights in the Port Deliverables owned by Microsoft.
The foregoing license is explicitly conditioned on Corel not taking any actions that may in any manner: (i) distributes or purports to distribute the Port Deliverables on a standalone basis, (ii) distributes or purports to distribute the Port Deliverables in conjunction with Potentially Tainted Software (as defined below); or (iii) uses or purports to use Potentially Tainted Software (e.g. tools) to develop Corel Products which include the Port Deliverables.
Corel agrees to make commercially reasonable efforts to promptly resolve any and all programming errors, incompatibilities and other problems in the Port Deliverables reasonably identified by Microsoft as part of its review and testing process throughout the Port Project.
If requested by Microsoft, Corel shall provide a declaration signed by an officer of Corel attesting that all copies of the .NET Framework, Port Deliverables and such related materials have been returned to Microsoft.