Definition of Port Deliverables

Port Deliverables means all the software and associated documentation (including test and build code) that Corel develops in connection with the Port Project.
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Examples of Port Deliverables in a sentence

Corel agrees that the Port Deliverables are a "work made for hire" for copyright purposes, with all copyrights in the Port Deliverables owned by Microsoft.
The Port Deliverables have been specially ordered and commissioned by Microsoft.
For purposes of the foregoing, "Potentially Tainted Software" means software which is licensed pursuant to terms that (x) creates or purports to create obligations for licensee, or for Microsoft with respect to the .NET Framework or Port Deliverables, or (y) grants or purports to grant to any third party any rights or immunities under licensee's intellectual property or proprietary rights, or Microsoft's intellectual property or proprietary rights in the .NET Framework or Port Deliverables.
By way of example but not limitation of the foregoing, Corel shall not distribute the Port Deliverables in conjunction with any Publicly Available Software (as defined in section 2.4 of this Amendment below).
Section 3.6 of the Agreement is hereby amended and restated in its entirety to read as follows: 3.6 Port Deliverables Owned by Microsoft.