Definition of Port Authority Manual

Port Authority Manual means, collectively, (i) the Tenant Construction Review 10 Manual dated March 2003 with respect to Basic Construction and December 2008 with respect to 11 Alterations by Tenant (including Tenant's Work), (H) the Tenant Construction and Alteration Process 12 Manual dated January, 2013, (iii) World Trade Center Site Rules and Regulations effective October, 2009 13 and (iv) the Security Guidelines (it being acknowledged that the Security Guidelines have not yet been 14 promulgated by the Port Authority and will automatically become part of the Port Authority Manual upon 15 their promulgation), as all of the foregoing items shall exist as of the Execution Date and as the same may 16 be modified or supplemented from time to time following the Execution Date without the approval of 17 Tenant. 18
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Examples of Port Authority Manual in a sentence

All Alterations shall be done at Tenant's sole expense and in full compliance with all Legal Requirements, including the Port Authority Manual.
All Alterations shall at all times comply with all Legal Requirements (including the Port Authority Manual) and the Rules and Regulations annexed hereto as Exhibit C (including changes to such Rules and Regulations adopted by Landlord in accordance...
Subject to the foregoing, and further subject to the provisions of the Second Amended and Restated Silverstein Leases and Sections 1.3(c) and (g) hereof, construction of each Silverstein Lessee Project by the applicable Silverstein Lessee shall be governed by the Port Authority Manual, as amended, updated, supplemented and modified from time to time.
If any of the Supplemental Drawings contain a life safety component that is required by the New York City building code then in effect and is materially different from any life safety component contained in the Approved Drawings with respect to such Silverstein Lessee Project, then, in such case, the Port Authority's review of said Supplemental Drawing shall be in accordance with any Port Authority Manual then in effect, including the New York City building code referenced therein.
Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, to the extent required by the Port Authority Manual, Tenant shall not commence any Alterations until all applicable requirements of the Port Authority Manual with respect to such Alterations shall have been fully satisfied, including the obtaining of the approval of QAD.