Definition of Pools

Pools means the investment pools that are managed by the Office of Financial Manage-14

Examples of Pools in a sentence

Such Cost Pools may include, but shall not be limited to, the office space tenants of a building of the Project or of the Project, and the retail space tenants of a building of the Project or of the Project.
All such Pools have been finally certified or, if required, recertified in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, except where the time for certification or recertification has not yet expired.
If a Cross-over Situation exists, the aggregate principal balances of the outstanding L1 and L2 Interests of all of the Mortgage Pools shall not be reduced below one percent of the aggregate Pool Principal Balance of all of the Mortgage Pools for the following Distribution Date in excess of the Senior Certificates as of the related Distribution Date (after taking into account distributions of principal and allocations of Realized Losses on such Distribution Date).
The Short Term Investment Pools' Fair Value is the same as the value of the pool shares.
On each Distribution Date, the Trustee shall distribute the aggregate Interest Remittance Amount for the two Mortgage Pools (net of the expenses paid by REMIC 1) with respect to each of the Lower Tier Interests in REMIC 2 based on the above-described interest rates.