Definition of Pooled Patents

Pooled Patents means the Illumina Patents and the Sequenom Patents.
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Examples of Pooled Patents in a sentence

Subject to the immediately preceding sentence, including obligations regarding Test Fees, the Illumina Parties may grant licenses under Pooled Patents to Illumina Customers who purchase Illumina Products, which licenses authorize the Illumina Customer, with each unit of consumable Illumina Product purchased, to Exploit, including a subset of the rights constituting Exploitation, NIPT LDT Tests in the NIPT LDT Field using Illumina Products (each such license an "Illumina Customer License").
Illumina agrees that any sublicense granted to any Person under Pooled Patents to Exploit an NIPT IVD Product in the NIPT IVD Field will be for a royalty that is no less than [...***...]% of Net IVD Sales of NIPT IVD Products sold by such sublicensee (and its Affiliates) in the NIPT IVD Field.
Sequenom shall not terminate the Pooled Patents Agreement without the University's prior written consent.
The Standstill shall not apply to and expressly excludes intellectual property rights that claim or cover NIPT and (i) claim priority to a patent or patent application that, as of the Effective Date, is owned or controlled by Illumina or any of its Affiliates that are existing and qualify as Affiliates as of the Effective Date or (ii) are subject to the Pooled Patents Agreement between Illumina and Sequenom, Inc.
For the avoidance of doubt, for the purpose of this Section 3.3(c), a Person that purchases NIPT IVD Product is not a sublicensee under Pooled Patents.