Definition of Pool Purchase Agreement

Pool Purchase Agreement means (i) with respect to Series 2002-1 Notes, the master purchase agreement dated as of August 29, 2002 by and between the Company and the Initial Issuer and all amendments thereof and supplements thereto and (ii) with respect to any Additional Series, the Term Purchase Agreement by and between the Company and the Additional Issuer which issues such Additional Series.

Examples of Pool Purchase Agreement in a sentence

Comply in all material respects with the terms of, employ the procedures outlined in and enforce the obligations of the Depositor under the Pool Purchase Agreement and of the Parties to each of the other Facility Documents, and take all such action as may reasonably be required to maintain all such Facility Documents to which the Issuer is a party in full force and effect.
The Purchases by the Issuer under the Pool Purchase Agreement constitute either sales or first-priority perfected security interests, enforceable against creditors of the Depositor.
The Company has the right to assign its interests under this Agreement and any PA Supplement as may be required to effect the purposes of the Pool Purchase Agreement or any Term Purchase Agreement without the consent of the Seller, and the assignee shall succeed to the rights hereunder of the Company.
The Pool Purchase Agreement is the only agreement pursuant to which the Issuer purchases the Pledged Loans and the related Pledged Assets.
The arrangement by this Agreement, the Series Supplements, the Purchase Agreements and the Series Purchase Supplements, the Pool Purchase Agreement, the Custodial Agreements, the Collateral Agency Agreement and the other Facility Documents is intended not to be a taxable mortgage pool for federal income tax purposes, and is intended to constitute a sale of the Loans by the applicable Seller to the Depositor for commercial law purposes.