Definition of Pool Financing Receivables

Pool Financing Receivables means, with respect to a Vessel in a Shipping Pool, (I) Moneys (as defined in Section 1-201 of the UCC) and claims for payment due or to become due to the Administrative Borrower or a Restricted Subsidiary thereof that owns such Vessel, or to the Pool Operator of such Shipping Pool on such Vessel owner's behalf, whether as charter hire, freights, passage moneys, proceeds of off-hire and loss of hire insurances, loans, indemnities, payments or otherwise, under, and all claims for damages arising out of any breach of, any time or voyage charter, affreightment or other contract for the use or employment of such Vessel and (II) all remuneration for salvage and towage services, demurrage and detention moneys and any other moneys whatsoever due or to become due to such Vessel