Definition of Polymers Notes

Polymers Notes means the 11.75% Senior Notes due 2004 of Polymers.
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Examples of Polymers Notes in a sentence

All Purchased Polymers Notes shall, promptly following their being purchased or redeemed by Borrower hereunder, be cancelled and extinguished.
In the event that the aggregate purchase price for such Polymers Senior Notes (whether purchased or redeemed) is less than the Permitted Polymers Notes Repurchase Amount, Borrower shall promptly, but in no event later than December 2, 2004 prepay the Term Loans in an amount equal to such difference.
MatlinPatterson Global Opportunities Partners, L.P. ("GOP") and CPH exchanged approximately $679 million in principal amount of the Company's outstanding subordinated notes and Huntsman Polymers' 11 3$?4% senior unsecured notes (the "Huntsman Polymers Notes") they held into equity interests in Huntsman Holdings.