Definition of Polymer Additives Business

Polymer Additives Business means the business of manufacturing, developing, marketing, distributing and selling polymer modifiers (including but not limited to phosphate esters whether or not manufactured by Seller at the Facilities), lubricants and stabilizers and any other products that are manufactured, developed, marketed, distributed or sold at or from any of the Facilities, and providing services relating thereto, in each case as conducted by Sellers and their Subsidiaries during the 12 months prior to the date hereof. For the avoidance of doubt, the Polymer Additives Business specifically (i) excludes the business of manufacturing, developing, marketing, distributing and selling the Retained Products at the Antwerp Facility and (ii) includes the products set forth on Schedule 1.01(c).
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Examples of Polymer Additives Business in a sentence

No Seller is subject to any Governmental Order that applies to the Polymer Additives Business, the Sold Assets or the Assumed Liabilities.
Schedule 5.14(a)(ii) contains a list of all employees of any Seller or any of its Subsidiaries who are engaged in research and development or sales and marketing activities primarily for the Polymer Additives Business not listed on Schedule 1.01(a).
Notwithstanding the foregoing Buyer shall not be required to take any action pursuant to this Section 9.21 that unreasonably interferes with the operation of the Polymer Additives Business.
For purposes of this Agreement, "Accounts Receivable" shall mean (a) any right to payment for services rendered or goods sold or licensed by the Polymer Additives Business, whether or not it has been earned by performance, whether billed or unbilled, and whether or not it is evidenced by any contract or agreement of (b) any account receivable, note receivable, negotiable instrument, chattel paper or other receivable or right to payment primarily relating to the Business.
There is no contract, agreement, Governmental Order or other instrument binding upon the Polymer Additives Business, Sellers or the current or former employees of the Polymer Additives Business that restricts or prohibits the Polymer Additives Business from competing with any other Person, from engaging in any business or from conducting activities in any geographic area, or that otherwise restricts or prohibits the conduct of the Polymer Additives Business.