Definition of Polonia Bank

Polonia Bank means Polonia Bank, a federally chartered stock savings bank, with its principal offices located at 3993 Huntington Pike, 3rd Floor, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania 19006.

Examples of Polonia Bank in a sentence

Plan means the Polonia Bank Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan, as the same may be altered or supplemented in any validly executed amendment or Participation Agreement.
An instrument entitled Polonia Bank Employee Stock Ownership Plan is incorporated herein by reference, and this Trust Agreement shall be interpreted consistently with that Plan.
No person shall be eligible for --------------------------------- nomination, election, appointment or reappointment to the board of directors unless such person is, at the time of such nomination, election, appointment or reappointment, a resident of a county in which Polonia Bank maintains a banking 7 8 office or a county contiguous to such county in Pennsylvania or a contiguous state.
Polonia agrees to consult with Prudential with respect to its loan, litigation and real estate valuation policies and practices (including loan classifications); provided, however, that neither Prudential nor Prudential Bank shall under any circumstance be permitted to exercise control of Polonia, Polonia Bank or any other Polonia Subsidiaries prior to the Effective Time.
Polonia MHC Polonia Bancorp Polonia Bank July l, 2011 Page 4 DUE DILIGENCE REVIEW Sandler ONeills obligation to perform the services contemplated by this letter shall be subject to the satisfactory completion of such investigation and inquiries relating to the Company and its directors, officers, agents and employees as Sandler ONeill and its counsel in their sole discretion may deem appropriate under the circumstances.