Definition of Polish Subsidiary

Polish Subsidiary means Quad/Winkowski SP.ZO.O, an entity organized under the laws of Poland.
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Polish Subsidiary means Intelsat (Poland) Sp. Z o.o.
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Examples of Polish Subsidiary in a sentence

Section 2.4(b) of the Disclosure Schedule also lists every foreign jurisdiction in which the Polish Subsidiary has employees or facilities.
Neither the Company nor its Polish Subsidiary has executed any waiver of any statute of limitations that has not expired on or extending the period for the assessment or collection of any Tax.
The operations now being conducted by the Polish Subsidiary are not now and have never been conducted by the Polish Subsidiary under any other name.
All Tax sharing agreements or similar agreements with respect to or involving the Company or its Polish Subsidiary and a Person (other than the Company or its Polish Subsidiary) shall be terminated as of the Closing Date and, after the Closing Date, neither the Company nor its Polish Subsidiary shall be bound thereby or have any liability thereunder.
Borrower may not Transfer any assets to, make any other Investments in, or create or permit to be created by any Polish Subsidiary any Transfers, Liens or Indebtedness other than transfers or loans made by Borrower to any Polish Subsidiary from September 30, 2013 through December 31, 2014 to cover lease payments, and legal and accounting services owing from such Polish Subsidiary in an amount not to exceed Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000.00) in the aggregate.