Definition of Policy Letter

Policy Letter means a document that has been dated, numbered, and issued by the Medi-Cal Managed Care Division, provides clarification of Contractors obligations pursuant to this Contract, and may include instructions to the Contractor regarding implementation of mandated changes in State or federal statutes or regulations, or pursuant to judicial interpretation.

Examples of Policy Letter in a sentence

To use nongovernment evaluators, con- tracting officers must meet the restrictions in FAR 7.503, FAR 37.203 and GSAR 537.2. See also FAR subpart 3.11 and Office of Federal Procurement Policy Letter 11-1, Perfor- mance of Inherently Governmental and Critical Functions ( procurement_index_policy/).
Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP), Policy Letter 92-4,
OFPP Policy Letter 92-4 required Federal agencies to use life-cycle cost analysis, wherever feasible and appropriate, to assist in selecting products and services.
Office of Federal Procurement Policy Letter 91-2 provides guidance concerning the development and use of performance-based contracting concepts and methodologies that may be generally applied to management and operating contracts.
The assets shall be held for the benefit of GNA solely at one or more financial institutions or other locations specified from time to time in the Policy Letter.