Definition of Policy Exclusion

Policy Exclusion means any condition, exclusion or limitation which may be imposed by the Landlord's insurers (but does not include any excess); and
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Examples of Policy Exclusion in a sentence

Procedure - SSI and Liberalized Resource Policy Exclusion Period Cash receipts are not considered resources for 9 months from the date of receipt.
Gallagher, Note, The Public Policy Exclusion and Insurance for Intentional Employment Discrimination, 92 MICH.
The lender itself was responsible for securing waivers prior to release of these funds and, had they failed to properly secure waivers, would have been subject to a defense to coverage based on matters "created, suffered, assumed or agreed to by the insured claimant." (Policy Exclusion 3a).
New Policy Exclusion Right has the meaning set forth in Article 2.
NETMA NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency PPEO Public Policy Exclusion Order Prime contractor The main contractor with the MOD.