Definition of Policy Dispute

Policy Dispute means a difference of opinion between the Parties regarding the permissibility of specific sales, marketing or medical affairs activities in the Territory by GSK and/or HGS.
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Examples of Policy Dispute in a sentence

You further agree to abide by the ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy ("Dispute Policy") as amended from time to time.
Each Complaint, Request for Step 2 Review, and Notice of Demand for Internal Policy Dispute Resolution by a Panel must be submitted in writing on the appropriate forms attached to this Policy and shall be signed by the complainant(s).
No complaint informally resolved or by using this Policy Dispute Resolution Process shall constitute a precedent for any purpose unless agreed to in writing by the University Vice President of Human Resources or designee, the complainant, and AFSCME.
At each step in the Policy Dispute Resolution Process, participants are encouraged to pursue appropriate modes of conflict resolution.
No reprisal of any kind will be made by the University or AFSCME against any complainant, any witness, any AFSCME representative, or any other participant in the Policy Dispute Resolution Process by reason of such participation.