Definition of Pod A

Pod A means the area of the Building identified as Pod A on Exhibit A attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.
Sample 1

Examples of Pod A in a sentence

Roach Fleet National Bank Fleet Global Trade Operations/Energy 1 Fleet Way (Pod A) Floor 2 Scranton, PA 18507-3573 Phone: (570) 330-4312 Fax: (570) 33003573 RE: Partial DrawLC#1S1280134 Dear Mr. Roach: In connection with a draw by Florida Public Utilities Company (FPUC) on the above-referenced Letter of Credit in the amount of USD $3,393,813.71, FPUC and Lake Worth Generation, LLC (LWG) have engaged me to serve as Escrow Agent.
At 8:15 AM the student will line up and dismiss from the auditorium with his/her grade and go to Pod A for math instruction.
Food Pod: A single site that includes three (3) or more food carts.
Beginning at 9:30 AM, the student will remain in Pod A for intense literacy instruction from a highly qualified teacher that integrates Core Knowledge and comprehension skills.