Definition of Pocono Downs

Pocono Downs means the harness racetrack and casino known as Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs, located in Plains Township, Pennsylvania, and related assets.

Examples of Pocono Downs in a sentence

Schedule 6.21A sets forth a summary description of all real property owned by the Pocono Downs Subsidiaries, and Schedule 6.21B sets forth a summary description of all real property owned by Mohegan Golf, LLC.
No Pocono Downs Company owns or will own as of the Closing Date any shares of capital stock or securities of any corporation other than as set forth in Schedule 5.8 hereof and no Pocono Downs Company has or will have as of the Closing Date any other ownership or other investment interest, either of record, beneficially or equitably, in any association, partnership, joint venture or legal entity, except for bank, checking and money market accounts and other cash equivalent investments.
The Administrative Agent is hereby authorized by the Lenders, without notice to or consent from the Lenders, to execute and deliver SNDA's in favor of any tenant of Borrower at Mohegan Sun, Pocono Downs or any other property.
The Pocono Downs Companies have at all times during the past three years maintained insurance coverage substantially similar to the insurance coverage currently in effect.
Between the date hereof and the Closing Date, there shall not have been any material adverse change in the business, management, operations, results of operations, assets, liabilities, properties or condition (financial or otherwise) of the Pocono Downs Companies, taken as a whole, except for changes generally affecting the racing or gaming industry in the northeast quadrant of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.