Definition of Pocket Games Warrants

Pocket Games Warrants means the common stock purchase warrants in the form of Exhibit E attached hereto, that are exercisable at any time or from time to time on or before March 31, 2020, entitling Venture VI and Venture VII, or their assigns, to purchase, for $0.0001 per share, an aggregate of 9,992 shares of Pocket Game Common Stock, or such other number of shares of Pocket Games Common Stock as shall represent ten (10.0%) percent of the issued and outstanding shares of Pocket Games Common Stock issuable upon full conversion of all shares of Pocket Games Series C Preferred Stock and Pocket Games Notes (collectively, the "Warrant Shares").
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Examples of Pocket Games Warrants in a sentence

On the Closing Date, the Purchaser shall reserve for issuance to the Holders of the Purchase Notes (i) an additional thirty thousand (30,000) shares of Pocket Games Series C Preferred Stock, and (ii) an aggregate of $440,000 principal amount of "Pocket Games Notes," as hereinafter defined, (iii) the "Pocket Games Warrants," as hereinafter defined (collectively, the "Merger Securities") for issuance following the Closing Date pursuant to the terms of the Merger Agreement described herein.