Definition of POC Study Data Package

POC Study Data Package means a package of information regarding the results of the POC Study containing the information and data described in Schedule 1.112.
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Examples of POC Study Data Package in a sentence

Within [**] days following the database lock of the POC Study, CANbridge will deliver the POC Study Data Package to AVEO.
Until the delivery of the POC Study Data Package to AVEO, AVEO may, upon 90 days prior written notice to CANbridge, unilaterally terminate this Agreement if CANbridge has failed to expend at least $[**] for or devote at least one FTE to (or any combination thereof, based on an FTE rate equal to $[**] per FTE) the conduct of Manufacturing and Development of any Product for use in the Field in the Licensed Territory in any Calendar Year prior to delivery of such POC Study Data package to AVEO.
Such minimums will be prorated for any partial Calendar Years commencing upon the Effective Date and ending upon the date of delivery of the POC Study Data Package to AVEO.
Commencing on the Effective Date until the date of AVEO's receipt of the POC Study Data Package ("POC Study ROFN Period"), AVEO will and hereby does grant to CANbridge a right of first negotiation with respect to any license or co-development agreement under which AVEO would grant to any Third Party any rights to Develop or Commercialize the Product in any country in the North America Territory (the "ROFN Opportunity").