Definition of POC Non-Validated Target Data

POC Non-Validated Target Data means the material, data and supporting documentation relating to achievement of clinical proof of concept by a Theravance Compound, prepared by Theravance and delivered to GSK in sufficient detail and which enables GSK to determine whether or not to exercise its Opt-In Right with respect to such Discovery Program in accordance with Section 4.2.2(b).
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Examples of POC Non-Validated Target Data in a sentence

If the Parties cannot reach mutual agreement on any excess budgeted amounts then GSK shall not be obligated to pay for such excess budgeted amounts under Section 4.3.2. Within a further sixty days of the Initial Due Diligence Commencement Date, Theravance shall deliver to GSK final and complete POC Non-Validated Target Data in respect of such First Theravance Compound ("Date of Final Delivery of Opt-In Data").