Definition of PMPSA Patents

PMPSA Patents means all Patents owned by PMPSA in the Territory or to which PMPSA otherwise has rights in the Territory, as of the Effective Date, that claim or are directed to the PMPSA Technology.
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Examples of PMPSA Patents in a sentence

If Discovery or PMPSA becomes aware of infringement of any Patent included in the Discovery Patents or the PMPSA Patents by a Third Party in the Territory, such Party shall promptly notify the other Party in writing to that effect and provide a summary of the relevant facts and circumstances known to such Party relating to such infringement ("Infringement Notice").
Discovery and PMPSA each shall use commercially reasonable efforts to diligently prosecute and maintain their respective PMPSA Patents and Discovery Patents in the Territory; provided that solely for the purposes of this Section, Discovery Patents shall mean those Discovery Patents that claim or are directed to Discovery Technology.
In the event that an action alleging invalidity or non-infringement of any of the Discovery Patents or PMPSA Patents is brought against Discovery or PMPSA in the Territory, the Party defending such action or counterclaim, at its sole discretion, shall have the right, within thirty (30) days after the commencement of such action, to take or regain control of the action at its own expense.