Definition of PML Investor

PML Investor means Holdco, the EVCC, and the Management Holders and including, in accordance with the terms of this Second Amended Agreement, their respective successors and assigns. A PML Investor who ceases to own any shares of the capital stock of PML shall, at such time, cease to be a "PML Investor" for all purposes of this Second Amended Agreement (unless such person thereafter again acquires shares of capital stock of PML), provided that such change in status shall be without prejudice to any rights of such PML Investor that arose prior to the date of such change in status.
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Examples of PML Investor in a sentence

Until May 11, 2000, each Holdco Investor and PML Investor agrees to vote any and all Securities held by such Holdco Investor or PML Investor in order to ensure that Ron Hart is appointed as and remains a director of each of PML and Holdco.
For a period of thirty (30) days from the date of the Preemptive Notice, each Holdco Investor and PML Investor may elect to purchase its Pro Rata Portion of the new issue of Holdco securities on the same terms that are indicated in the Preemptive Notice.
Upon each proposed issuance that is subject to this Section 5, not later than sixty (60) days prior to such issuance or sale, Holdco notify each Holdco Investor and PML Investor in writing of such proposed issuance or sale and the material terms thereof (the "Preemptive Notice").